Clash of Clans Guide – What Must I Upgrade First?

In our Clash of Clans group on Facebook, there is a question that is very frequently recurring, precisely the title hints at, what must I upgrade first?

I thought, therefore, that we would go through this! It is not only important for you to have a better defense, but also to your base should look harder the higher players so that they do not even want to attack you!

Let us first go through the things that make your base looks imposing look. The three things you generally look at when to attack a base are:

  • Wall level and layout
  • Wizard tower and placement of Mortars
  • Where Barbarian King, Queen and Archer Clan Castle is located

Clash of Clans Wall is undoubtedly the most frightening one can go against. Usually avoids bases that have good placement of walls for the simple reason that you know you will not be able to enter without the use of ex hogs, balloons or kites.

Wizard Tower and Mortars are also incredibly important, especially at lower levels. When you are under TH6 so Mortar and Wizard Tower your best defense you have, so make sure you have them in the middle, and maximize their level.

Location of the Barbarian King, Queen and Archer Clan Castle is also incredibly important if you have them. It will prevent other players from attacking you if they use as hog riders, and balloons if you have Archer Queen. These three should always be placed in the center of your base, whatever. They are incredibly powerful in the higher leagues, such as crystal and master and are still pretty sharp even at champion level.

Enough of that, let’s talk about the order of things. I must strongly recommend that you max out all your towers and buildings before upgrading your TH to a higher level. It is also important when you get loot reduction (less loot) to higher GH levels.

The order of the non-attacking buildings are the following:

clash of clans upgrade trick

  • Gold and the Elixir custody
  • Army Camps
  • Barracks
  • Clan Castle
  • Dark Elixir repository

(Your collectors can max out at will. I recommend that you do it when you have enough money, but it’s up to you!)

The reason why you should do it in that order is because you will have access to more troops, which is very convenient when you can attack the bases stronger, lighter. Many people forget to upgrade their barracks, unfortunately. It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in Clash of Clans (Coc). Having a maxed barrack is really good so you can practice a number of different forces that you want and need not worry about running out of space in any of them. It also enables so you can train more of the troops with a higher level (as Dragons) simultaneously. Clan Castle should be entered in both sections, but is so important that I put into this. When it is full of archers so it may be the best asset you have, seen purely defensive. You should max out there as soon as you can. Finally, the repository, and does not need maxas if you do not keep up with the highest level of your troops. In the end, we have gold collector and elixirs collector. Wonderful to have them maxed, but they are not as good as running a couple of raids. Make sure you upgrade them together because they only go up to 300 per hour for each upgrade, and the only gets more and more expensive for each level. Make sure to max them as you approach the rest maximized, but they need to be maxed before TH7!

The following order applies to buildings and structures:

  • Mortars
  • Wizard Towers
  • Castle Clans
  • Air Defense
  • Tesla (A level below maximum)
  • Walls (one or two level below your maximum level for your TH)
  • Archer Towers / Cannon
  • Cannons
  • Max capacity your walls
  • Traps and max out your hidden Tesla while upgrading TH

If you are not so active, you will not be able to replenish your Clan Castle as often and your troops will, at worst, to be completed after the first attack. Since it is free, more or less for the next attacker to attack without resistance from the Clan Castle troops. So you are active, use the list coc trick upgrade above, otherwise you may reassign your Castle clan to a level where you feel that it is good.

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