Tag: Animals


Super Jumbo

Super Jumbo Flash Game Info Little jumbo wants to jump rocks at forest. Help him to reach home Super Jumbo Game How-To Play “use space bar , or mouse click to help jumbo to jump on rocks” Thanks for your […]


Rabbit The Climber

Rabbit The Climber Flash Game Info How high can you climb in this funny casual highscores game?How to play: Click anywhere on screen to throw the rope, hit the platform above you to get on it! Get as high as […]


Circus Carnival Escape

Circus Carnival Escape Flash Game Info You and your pet dog are very close friends. Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other dog has, so it is attracts many people…One day your […]


Eat and Gulp

Eat and Gulp Flash Game Info You are a dog who is waiting for his meal. If you see a plate in front of you eat as much as you can before the shifu is hitting you. Beware of fake […]


I’m A Supercat

I’m A Supercat Flash Game Info Freddy is the name of our Supercat. Today Freddy’s friends and their colony peoples were attacked and captured by aliens. Freddy wants to release his friends and people from the aliens, but the aliens […]



Froggy Flash Game Info Swim and hop your way around the pond eating bugs so you can get to the next pond. It’s a frog’s life! This is the exciting world of frogdom! Froggy Game How-To Play Arrow Keys to […]


Brave Jungle Kid

Brave Jungle Kid Flash Game Info Jungle kid is a courageous boy living in a forest. His daily work is to protect and save the animals from the enemies. The enemies are very angry on the Jungle kid because they […]


The Hunter

The Hunter Flash Game Info The Hunter is a high quality action based game with an awesome theme of woods. Player needs to kill the pigs and other animals that attack the hunter in woods and move on to next […]


Orange Cat Adventure

Orange Cat Adventure Flash Game Info Travel through colorful game locations controlling funny Orange Cat! Orange Cat Adventure Game How-To Play left/right arrow, A and D keys – moveup arrow, W key, spacebar – jumpdown arrow, S key – duck. […]