Tag: Casual


Pulpo Party

Pulpo Party Flash Game Info Welcome to Pulpo Party !!!The principle of the game is to pass the 50 trials without losing all your lives, then you will reach the next level. The difficulty will be increased but you will […]


The Hearts

The Hearts Flash Game Info Can you make it into TOP20 in this new addicting puzzle game with 3 game modes?The Hearts is a new puzzle logic game with 3 game modes and lots of fun for all ages! How […]


Hungry Ducks

Hungry Ducks Flash Game Info Shoot hungry and angry ducks in this unusual top-view shooting game. Shoot food to the yellow ducks, bomb the red birds. Hungry Ducks Game How-To Play Use the mouse to shoot, click and drag the […]


Rootbeer Slider 3D

Rootbeer Slider 3D Flash Game Info Slide a Rootbeer Mug through 3d mazes and collect coins and stars! Make the best shot by bouncing the mug off walls and landing it on the finish line. Collect all the stars to […]


Happy Easter Eggs Match

Happy Easter Eggs Match Flash Game Info Happy Easter Eggs Match is a new seasonal Easter puzzle game with 3 game modes and lots of fun for all ages! How to play: The rules are simple – press and hold […]


Save My Garden 2

Save My Garden 2 Flash Game Info Barely a few days since the first attack of tricky insects. And they will try to seize the harvest again! This time there are more of them, but you have everything at your […]


Sly Slide

Sly Slide Flash Game Info Sly Slide were a game of skill and ski. Slide your way to all the flag and end the stage to the goal flag. But watchout as a lot of spike and obstacle along the […]


Summer Coins

Summer Coins Flash Game Info Summer Coins is a coin collector summer game. It’s summer time and a lot of coins scattered around the beach. Collect all of them to clean the beach and get all the score for the […]


Suppa Zuppa

Suppa Zuppa Flash Game Info Suppa Zuppa were hungry after long winter seasons. Now it’s summer time and it’s time to gather some foods all day long. Just watch for some obstacle on the way and try to get the […]


Fantasy Clicker

Fantasy Clicker Flash Game Info The Dark Lord is invading and its the job of you, the fantasy hero who shall slay the lord. Click on the lord and send your minions to harvest all the gold out of the […]