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Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher Flash Game Info Fly catched is based on a frog which is hungry and there are plenty of flies scattered around to get him fed. The problem is he needs your help to show him where to jump. […]


Harvest Day

Harvest Day Flash Game Info Harvest Day is a fast paced elimination game. Find 2 or more fruits of the same kind next to each other, and click them to remove them from the board before time runs out. When […]


Make Salami Pizza

Make Salami Pizza Flash Game Info Do you like pizza? I think we all do! In this cooking game we will all learn how to make a salami pizza. The recipe has its origin in Italy so it was very […]


Cake Competition

Cake Competition Flash Game Info Pretty little pastry chef Adele here is participating to a major cake competition! Cakes sure are her specialty, but for winning this contest here she still needs all the help you could give her! So, […]


Healthy Chicken

Healthy Chicken Flash Game Info Do you want to eat chicken but you are not sure that it is cooked well in a healthy way? Today you can make your own chicken. We have the recipe right here so all […]


Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Soup Flash Game Info This game is based on real recipe. You can also prepare this Cauliflower Soup at home with adult supervision. Cauliflower Soup Game How-To Play use mouse Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and […]


Cheesy Waffles

Cheesy Waffles Flash Game Info A waffle covered with a lot of cheese. Yes here is a simple recipe to make Cheesy Waffles. Go ahead and try it out. Cheesy Waffles Game How-To Play use mouse Thanks for your time […]


Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Flash Game Info Sweet Tooth is a Platform Game. A mouse lives inside a bakery, help the little mouse climb upwards until you reach the top platform where his favorite cake is kept. Watch out for the enemies […]


Jumping Troll

Jumping Troll Flash Game Info Jumping Troll is an arcade game where you help a little troll bounce on the mushroom to collect the fruits above. Control the mushroom with your mouse, and as the troll lands on it he […]


Indian Soup Recipe

Indian Soup Recipe Flash Game Info Ever since my brother came back from visiting India he keeps telling me about the best soup he has ever had in his life. The Indian Soup Recipe was first made by an old […]