Tag: FPS


Sheriff Redemption

Sheriff Redemption Flash Game Info Sheriff Redemption – A new FPS game by Sirius Arcade Games .Our Sheriff is on a mission to redeem himself. Sheriff Redemption Game How-To Play Shoot the bad guys Thanks for your time to spent […]



Destructor2015 Flash Game Info Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. This is an updated version (maintenance release) of the original game “Destructor” (2012).OBJECTIVE:Destroy the world as much as you can! Less voxels remaining means higher score/rank.No enemies, no […]


Ghost Warfare

Ghost Warfare Flash Game Info You are elite forces soldier and your mission is to use your sniper rifle to shoot all enemy forces, try to aim fast to successfully eliminate all enemies and survive in order to progress to […]


Hazmat Attack

Hazmat Attack Flash Game Info You are special forces soldier in contaminated area and your mission is to use your sub-machine gun to shoot all hazmat soldiers on each level, try to aim and shoot very quick in order to […]


Zombie Redemption

Zombie Redemption Flash Game Info The Zombies have taken over the neiborhood, your job is to shoot them untill there is no more. They are every where, kill them before they get to you. Zombie Redemption Game How-To Play Shoot […]


Desert Squad 3D

Desert Squad 3D Flash Game Info 3D First Person Shooter set in a desert military base, Control the area and eliminate invading enemy squad units, Create your own tactic to successfully defend your base, earn a highscore and share it […]


Stickman Warzone

Stickman Warzone Flash Game Info Stickman Warzone Game, in this high scores first person shooter game the idea is to shoot as many of the enemy as possible with the least amount of bullets, head shots count as do bullets, […]


Cross Fire Sniper King

Cross Fire Sniper King Flash Game Info Monster invasion bases.Mercenaries who picked up their weapons to defend against the monster.Kill all of the monsters as soon as posibble. Cross Fire Sniper King Game How-To Play Use mouse to shoot. And […]