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Bulishor The Hunter

Bulishor The Hunter Flash Game Info In this Episode, Bulishor must shoot the Piranha. But the Piranha are protected by the Shark. Can you help Bulishor to shoot as many Piranhas as possible?To be Continued…Bulishor, which is a wondering little […]


Hunger Hunter

Hunger Hunter Flash Game Info Hunger hunter is out to collect coins what he doesn’t know is that trouble is waiting for him, help him collect all the coins to clear a stage. Hunger Hunter Game How-To Play Use arrow […]


Orc Hunter

Orc Hunter Flash Game Info In this game you have to fight in a dangerous battle against an army of Orcs who want to eliminate you.Use your crossbow to kill them, but be careful as they can appear anywhere, in […]


Pinata Warriors

Pinata Warriors Flash Game Info Utilize brutal weapons in this one-button driven pinata smashing game! The nine Pinata Warriors are here to measure their strengths and weaknesses in a 2 players game pinata destroying game. Who will be victorious and […]