Tag: Jump


Super Jumbo

Super Jumbo Flash Game Info Little jumbo wants to jump rocks at forest. Help him to reach home Super Jumbo Game How-To Play “use space bar , or mouse click to help jumbo to jump on rocks” Thanks for your […]


Red Blocked

Red Blocked Flash Game Info A sneaky platform puzzler that encourages players to think outside of the box !Complete the levels by any means available to you.Controls W, A, D, or Arrow Keys. On screen buttons for players on touchscreen […]


Jump BeeBee Jump

Jump BeeBee Jump Flash Game Info One thing you should know: BeeBee likes to jump and his pretty good at it. Therefore, while he makes his move, you can make yours, by placing the mouse arrow on the top of […]


Strechy Bros

Strechy Bros Flash Game Info Strechy bro’s will sacrifice each others for the greater good. Help the Strechy bro’s reach to the end. Strechy Bros Game How-To Play Use arrow keys to move. Use space bar to stretch, go to […]


Switch Bot

Switch Bot Flash Game Info Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way home. Change colors to move objects and obstacles. How many times will you die before you can complete the game? Switch Bot Game […]


Jump to SKY

Jump to SKY Flash Game Info Crazy robot wants to reach sky.It can’t fly but it can jump through to sky.Be carefull of angry birds and don’t forget to collect metals.You can buy upgrades with them and jump higher. Jump […]


Pajama Boy 3

Pajama Boy 3 Flash Game Info Pajama Boy is coming back to his home town after long wandering and dangerous adventures. However, a horrible strange power that can control the metal destroyed the city, the inhabitants and Pajama boy’s family […]


SpongeBob Cross The River

SpongeBob Cross The River Flash Game Info The object of the game is to help Sponge Bob to cross the river by hopping from a turtle to other without falling in the water, be careful it is not easy SpongeBob […]


Dragon Adventure

Dragon Adventure Flash Game Info Run, jump, stomp, avoid obstacles and collect food in this one button endless running game. Dragon Adventure Game How-To Play Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and play this cool and fun Dragon […]


Mighty Tower

Mighty Tower Flash Game Info Here comes the ultimate tower climbing challenge for all fans of 2 player games! Challenge your best friend at one on one platform jumping, wall sliding and tower climbing tournament. Master your jumping skills and […]