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Rescuer of Souls

Rescuer of Souls Flash Game Info 25 levelrnAvoid black color. Collect all souls on a level and go to the portal. It have nice ambience, hope you will enjoy!rnEasy game mode : all the souls you have collected will remain.rnHard […]


Rootbeer Slider 3D

Rootbeer Slider 3D Flash Game Info Slide a Rootbeer Mug through 3d mazes and collect coins and stars! Make the best shot by bouncing the mug off walls and landing it on the finish line. Collect all the stars to […]


Pitbull dog mudrun

Pitbull dog mudrun Flash Game Info Mud run is a pit-bull dog running game. Pitbull dog mudrun Game How-To Play Move the Pitbull dog with UP and DOWN arrow keys. Avoid obstacles, otherwise you may risk your dogs life. Collect […]