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Math And Match

Math And Match Flash Game Info In this game you need to select a number of blocks whose sums equal the given expression.Hold the left mouse button down while moving over adjacent blocks to select blocks until you get the […]


Those Numbers 2 – Math Game

Those Numbers 2 – Math Game Flash Game Info Practice your Math skills even more in this sequel to a popular Math game!Those Numbers 2 is an educational high-scores Math game in which you can practice Addition and Subtraction in […]



ZeeBoo Flash Game Info Math puzzle game about little zebra – ZeeBoo. ZeeBoo moves just like a knight in chess. You must send ZeeBoo, so that she should eat all the grass on the level.Mouse only. Put the ZeeBoo on […]


Triangular 2048

Triangular 2048 Flash Game Info Variation of the massively popular 2048 puzzle. Combine tiles by moving them in the six directions on the triangular grid. When tiles with the same value meet, they merge into one tile with the combined […]


Fast Numbers

Fast Numbers Flash Game Info Fast Numbers is a new highscores Math game in which you will practice 4 mathematical operations in an entertaining and challenging way! The game includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and there are 3 difficulties […]


Math Defender

Math Defender Flash Game Info Math defender is an arithmetic math game with a quite new challenge. In this game you need to defend your gems from the bird monsters. Each bird monster has a code number on it. You […]


Deluxe Math Test

Deluxe Math Test Flash Game Info Deluxe math test is a challenging and entertaining free math game with real time high scoring system. It includes addition, subtraction, division and multiplication sums which you need to solve to win. This game […]


Math Mahjong

Math Mahjong Flash Game Info Math Mahjong is a combination of Math and popular Chinese game Mahjong. In this game pair would be 2 equal values. i.e. 12 can be paired with 4+8You can remove only paired free blocks. The […]


Orbiting Number

Orbiting Number Flash Game Info In this game you need to remove all the orbiting balls . Just click on the ball which has exactly same value as the ball in the center has. If the answer is correct that […]


Hexa Shift

Hexa Shift Flash Game Info Steal land from the enemy by taking over the territory with lower values in this strategy game. Hexa Shift Game How-To Play Use the mouse to place hexagons on the grid. Place them next to […]