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MemoryGame Geometric

MemoryGame Geometric Flash Game Info The objective of this game is to make the shortest possible time at all levels. For this you have to make pairs of the same geometry. MemoryGame Geometric Game How-To Play Thanks for your time […]


Superheroes Memory Matching

Superheroes Memory Matching Flash Game Info Do you like Superheroes? Then ready for the Superheroes match game? Your task is to click and match the same type of superheroes from the hidden grid. Try to find the correct match with […]


Love Potion

Love Potion Flash Game Info Use your memory to brew Love Potion. The Great Witch knows the recipe and will teach it to those who can memorize the exact sequence of drops. Watch her carefully as she reveals the steps […]


Robot Fun

Robot Fun Flash Game Info Are you ready for some robot fun? Then respond to all these 4 challenges: build your own robot, match several robot cards, put together puzzles featuring cute little robots and then run your toy store […]


Messy Factory

Messy Factory Flash Game Info What a Mess!! Can you bring some order to this factory?? Messy Factory Game How-To Play Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and play this cool and fun Messy Factory game, please spent […]


Vintage Connecting

Vintage Connecting Flash Game Info This is a classic items connecting Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs. Each time you connect 2 items they will be removed from the board. […]


Santa’s Christmas Presents

Santa’s Christmas Presents Flash Game Info Train your memory with this simple game. Repeat a sequence by tapping on four Santas just like in a classic Simon game. The better your memory gets, the longer sequences you will be able […]


Flipped Out

Flipped Out Flash Game Info Flipped out is a Card based Memory Game. The aim is to find a specific pair when they have been turned over. The faster you pick the pair the more points you will get. The […]


Play Halloween Match

Play Halloween Match Flash Game Info Match all of the pictures.There are different levels in this game.Play all the levels. Play Halloween Match Game How-To Play This game is played with mouse only. Thanks for your time to spent in […]


Pairs – The Memory Game

Pairs – The Memory Game Flash Game Info The object of the game is to remove all the cards of the tableu (52 cards, 4 rows of 13 cards each). Most of the cards are covered and only a small […]