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Pink Foyer Room Escape

Pink Foyer Room Escape Flash Game Info You are getting more and more bored as you stay waiting for your pick up. You had finally lost your patience and decided to leave the room but you find yourself trapped in […]


Tribal Hut Escape

Tribal Hut Escape Flash Game Info You are in the land of tribes and you enter into a hut when no one is around and you get stuck. You have to leave the hut before the tribes get you. All […]


Swift Lab Escape

Swift Lab Escape Flash Game Info The lab assistant just completed his daily tasks in the lab and it was time to leave. But the door was locked and the lab was fuming with dangerous odors after hours of work. […]


Shrewd Boy Room Escape

Shrewd Boy Room Escape Flash Game Info Ample hours of play in the new recreation room refreshed you well enough to keep you undeterred over a locked door. Explore the room, study the escape possibilities and simply use objects you […]


Bold Boy Room Escape

Bold Boy Room Escape Flash Game Info Jack locked you in the room over a brawl and you realized that just now. If you want him to feel your fist, better escape from the room before he gets too far. […]


Yo Room Escape

Yo Room Escape Flash Game Info After a great relax at the Yo room, it is time to check out, but then you discover that you have been stranded in. Surely, there is a way out, if you are really […]


Problematic Living Room Escape

Problematic Living Room Escape Flash Game Info You were having fun in a room and all of a sudden the room closes and you get stuck. It is a very problematic room you need to try and get out before […]


Archaeologist Office Escape

Archaeologist Office Escape Flash Game Info In an archaeologist office you get locked in his room full of historic things which is very expensive and delicate to handle. All you need to do is there are few hidden objects and […]


Breezy Apartment Escape

Breezy Apartment Escape Flash Game Info You are stuck in a stranger’s apartment which you assumed to be your own before you are found out and reported to the police find a way out of this apartment Breezy Apartment Escape […]


Snooker Room Escape

Snooker Room Escape Flash Game Info You are in your idol’s room and you find yourself trapped. If someone finds you here they arrest you for trespassing. If you don’t want to go to prison you have to find a […]