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Math And Match

Math And Match Flash Game Info In this game you need to select a number of blocks whose sums equal the given expression.Hold the left mouse button down while moving over adjacent blocks to select blocks until you get the […]


Those Numbers 2 – Math Game

Those Numbers 2 – Math Game Flash Game Info Practice your Math skills even more in this sequel to a popular Math game!Those Numbers 2 is an educational high-scores Math game in which you can practice Addition and Subtraction in […]


ABC fun

ABC fun Flash Game Info ABC, fun game for kids. Letter sounds and drag and drop game. Educative game for your kids. ABC fun Game How-To Play Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and play this cool and […]


Spelling Words

Spelling Words Flash Game Info Spelling Words is a new educational word game where you can practice spelling of the most commonly misspelled English words in an engaging and challenging way!The game contains 2 game modes – challenge, where you […]


Fast Numbers

Fast Numbers Flash Game Info Fast Numbers is a new highscores Math game in which you will practice 4 mathematical operations in an entertaining and challenging way! The game includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and there are 3 difficulties […]


Fashion Studio – Teacher Outfit

Fashion Studio – Teacher Outfit Flash Game Info What would you wear if you were a school teacher? With our latest fashion studio game you can design your own dream teacher dress! First you’ll have to pick 4 clothing items […]


Math Mahjong

Math Mahjong Flash Game Info Math Mahjong is a combination of Math and popular Chinese game Mahjong. In this game pair would be 2 equal values. i.e. 12 can be paired with 4+8You can remove only paired free blocks. The […]


Spelling Game

Spelling Game Flash Game Info Spelling game is a new educational puzzle game in which you will improve your English spelling skills in an entertaining and challenging way! Do you think you can make it into TOP20 highscores? Compare your […]


School Bus License 2

School Bus License 2 Flash Game Info School Bus License the is an american School Bus Driving Simulation Game. Your aim in this game is to get through a set amount of test that will teach you how to drive […]