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Sheriff Redemption

Sheriff Redemption Flash Game Info Sheriff Redemption – A new FPS game by Sirius Arcade Games .Our Sheriff is on a mission to redeem himself. Sheriff Redemption Game How-To Play Shoot the bad guys Thanks for your time to spent […]


Team Contravention

Team Contravention Flash Game Info Games story takes place in a destroyed world where these groups are trying to win a small battle in an already lost war. Team Contravention Game How-To Play Help them accomplish there missions in the […]



SHOOT! Flash Game Info SHOOT!Shoot The Red Circle.Hi ScoresUse Arrow Keys & Shift To Shoot. SHOOT! Game How-To Play Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and play this cool and fun SHOOT! game, please spent more times to […]


Hungry Ducks

Hungry Ducks Flash Game Info Shoot hungry and angry ducks in this unusual top-view shooting game. Shoot food to the yellow ducks, bomb the red birds. Hungry Ducks Game How-To Play Use the mouse to shoot, click and drag the […]


Ice Smash

Ice Smash Flash Game Info The sudden Ice blast has frozen the lake and its inhabitants. Mamma Tortoise is in search of her babies and found them all frozen to ice. She is determined to free them all by smashing […]



ZomBugs Flash Game Info Take time to plan your strategy or simply shot, shot, shot!INSTRUCTIONSMove your mouse to aim and press left mouse button to shot!CONTROLSLEFT Mouse button or SPACE to SHOT.Maintain pressed to charge the great Powerful Shot!FEATURES Nice game […]


Bazooka Turtle

Bazooka Turtle Flash Game Info An Ordinary turtle was annoyed by fishes in the sea. They laughed at him and teased him because he was the only turtle there. They made fun of his shell. Until the turtle made a […]


Spikie Vs Zombies

Spikie Vs Zombies Flash Game Info Once Spikie bought a new house, it was dark and spikie was minding with his own business when suddenly Zombies showed up! These Zombies were nasty, now Spikie must protect himself from these Zombies, […]


Ben 10 Power Shoot

Ben 10 Power Shoot Flash Game Info Ben 10 is ready for a power shoot. Help him to shoot and get points. Jump high to reach the far away objects. Shoot all the objects to move on to the next […]


Brave Jungle Kid

Brave Jungle Kid Flash Game Info Jungle kid is a courageous boy living in a forest. His daily work is to protect and save the animals from the enemies. The enemies are very angry on the Jungle kid because they […]