Tag: Shooting


Zombie Slicer

Zombie Slicer Flash Game Info Zombie Slicer is a free online zombie shooting game in which you have to shoot all the zombies to reach next level. Avoid hit by zombie hit can harm you and your health will come […]


Rascal Build Skyscraper

Rascal Build Skyscraper Flash Game Info Every rascal believes he is the king of all the rascals in the world. But How can he proves his strength? The character in this game find a way. That is to build the […]


Knights Invasion

Knights Invasion Flash Game Info Ready to be the winner at this battle? In this game you will become an archer who will try to defend your country from knights attack . Let’s shoot knights with your bow until they […]


Chicks With Guns

Chicks With Guns Flash Game Info Embark on an action packed adventure with Chick Norris as he battles an army, takes down bosses and basically wreaks havoc, in the name of revenge.Note: Story plays in the beginning, please do see […]


Casino Extreme 3D Multiball Pinball with Multiple Flippers.

Casino Extreme 3D Multiball Pinball with Multiple Flippers. Flash Game Info SL Casino Extreme Multiball Pinball Game for Android.Fast and Furious Fun with SL Extreme Multiball/Multiflipper Pinball. 3D Multiball Pinball Machine with Realistic Sound FX.Multiple Flippers. Visually Stunning Graphics.Advanced Ball […]


Tank Wars

Tank Wars Flash Game Info Tank Wars is a classic shooting game with tanks. The game is divided in missions, every mission having a main objective: to kill a number of enemies in a given time. The more enemies you […]


Violent Block 5

Violent Block 5 Flash Game Info shooting game, earn points to defeat an enemy Violent Block 5 Game How-To Play Play with your mouse Thanks for your time to spent in FlashGamesHoles.com and play this cool and fun Violent Block […]


Ghost Warfare

Ghost Warfare Flash Game Info You are elite forces soldier and your mission is to use your sniper rifle to shoot all enemy forces, try to aim fast to successfully eliminate all enemies and survive in order to progress to […]


Wild Jungle 3D Pinball

Wild Jungle 3D Pinball Flash Game Info SL Jungle 3D Multiball Pinball Game for Flash. Fast and Furious Fun with Casino Multiball/Multiflipper Pinball. 3D Multiball Pinball Machine with Realistic Sound FX. Multiple Flippers. Visually Stunning Graphics. Advanced Ball Physics Featuring […]


Armor Hero Combustion Vehicles

Armor Hero Combustion Vehicles Flash Game Info With the help of sun goddess, Armor Hero will drive the combustion vehicles to fight against the evil dark shadow Legion and to defend the peace. Now release all your power and kill […]